A lot of research has been done on the incredibly popular beverage, and experts consider green tea to have more health benefits. Drinking green tea brings a wide range of health benefits, and one of the major benefits is that it can help with weight loss.

Although drinking green tea does not provide fast results like some other weight loss products, it can help you lose weight without compromising your health.

  Green tea is especially full of metabolic benefits, antioxidants; As the hero that helps green tea drinkers, EGCG(tea polyphenol) could prevent cancer, reduce blood fat, protect you from radiation and decrease the damage of nicotine.

Making a rational schedule of three meals and tea time could do less for more effects for your weight loss. Meanwhile a proper storage method could maintain the nutrition in tea leaves maximally.

When it comes to losing weight, research has proven green tea dissolves triglycerides because of the natural polyphenols it contains. It also helps to increase your metabolism. 

It’s important to understand that green tea is not a magic formula for weight loss. It is most effective when used in conjunction with a diet and exercise plan that is approved by your doctor. You will find green tea in many weight loss supplements because of its fat burning properties.

Eight benefits if Green Tea to Weight Loss

  1. Inhabits the enzymes involved in fat storage:

  Unlike other common weight loss agents that stimulate sympathetic hormone release and therefore tend to raise heart rate and blood pressure, green tea, works through a completely different mechanism.

The catechins in green tea have been shown to inhibit the enzyme that breaks down norepinephrine so that its biological effects (e.g., increased metabolic rate, increased fat breakdown, etc.) are prolonged. Green tea may also act to reduce food intake and inhibit the main enzymes involved in fat storage.

2. Low calorie drink:

Green tea only has approximately two calories per cup. It also has zero percent cholesterol and saturated fat. To get the best weight loss benefits from black tea, it is best to take it on its own.

 In the case of black tea, this variant contains more caffeine than green tea and other kinds of tea. Don’t make the mistake of taking way too much caffeine because it will lead to dehydration.

3. Contains Catechins:

 The main reason that green tea is regarded as a greater supply of catechins compared to black tea is the way it is processed. Since green tea catechins are such powerful antioxidants, they are useful in helping to prevent many health conditions, including cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

4. Stimulates Metabolism:

  Green tea provides a number of potent antioxidants that can benefit your body in many ways. One of these antioxidants is called epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, and it has the ability to stimulate your body’s metabolism and speed up weight loss. 

5. Theanine:

  The theanine found in green tea is its main amino acid. Theanine could be related to weight reduction due to its capacity to lead to relaxation as well as the release of dopamine. 

Theanine may also be able to lower the side effects of caffeine, which could be why the caffeine content in green tea does not appear to trigger nervousness or increased heart rate in the way that other drinks containing caffeine do.

So, although theanine does not aid in weight reduction directly, it may induce a sense of calm in individuals who enjoy it. This factor could help individuals with the tendency to overeat because of stress to control this habit.

5. Improves Digestion:

  Intestines and stomach is the largest organ for digestion in the body. But if you take too much food, the stomach will not be able to digest so that the calorie will accumulate. If this persists, fat will happen. Aromatic compounds in green tea can melt fat, preventing it from accumulating in your body; the Vitamin B1, C and low caffeine in green tea can stimulate secretion of stomach juices, helping digestion and reducing fat.

6. Mobilizes Fat:

    Among four main types of catechins found in tea leaves, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the main antioxidant responsible for increasing levels of hormones that cause fat cells to break down fat. Studies also show that the fat-burning effects of green tea are more pronounced when exercising.

7. Improves endurance during exercise:

  You should be aware that exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. It not only burns calories, but it also enhances energy levels. It also contributes greatly to muscle building, which will boost your metabolism. The catechin polyphenols that are present in green tea will stimulate your muscle cells. It also stimulate  liver to use more fatty acids. As a result, your body will use carbohydrates at a slower rate. With more carbohydrates remaining in your body, you can exercise for a long time. In turn making your body to burn more calories.



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