Looking beautiful and attractive is the ultimate dream of every lady out there. Of course, the Skin Deep beauty has got the point in the modern world of glamour. And that is the reason why most of the ladies keep on looking for the ways through which they can enhance their looks.

 As a matter of fact, looking beautiful and achieving glowing flawless skin is the toughest task that comes along hand in hand with proper skin care. Being beautiful is only a matter of healthy skin but unfortunately, it gets affected by every aspect of our life from what you eat to what you do to your skin, that is where the skin care routine works. Below are the top eight mistakes people make all the time;

1. Over washing or under washing:

  It is easy to get carried away when washing your face. With all of the washes, toners, and exfoliants, it seems like simply washing our skin isn’t enough. However, if you are washing too frequently or vigorously, it can be doing more harm than good. If you wash too much especially with harsh cleaners, it can strip our skin of its natural oils. Our body will then overproduce those oils giving your skin a greasy look and even cause breakouts. Using a washcloth or exfoliants too much can also cause irritation. On the other hand, if you are just slapping some water on your face and calling it good, you could be leave clogged pores festering and bacteria building up. The best way to know if you aren’t washing your skin enough is if you have leftover make up after you’re done washing. Go back and give your skin another cleanse.

2. Using same product all year round:

  You don’t wear the same clothes all year, right? You shouldn’t be wearing the same products on your face all year either. The seasons affect your skin differently so you should be using beauty products accordingly. Our skin tends to be oilier in the summer which means a lighter moisturizer with a higher SPF is better for hot months. Cleaners with an exfoliant may also be a helpful in warmer weather to remove the buildup of oil and sweat. In the winter, our skin gets drier and needs more moisture so you can go with a heavier moisturizer. Don’t get hung up on your standard beauty routine. Treating your skin in relation to the weather could help you gain a better complexion.

3. Too much coffee:

  Most of us can’t get through the day without our coffee, but it could be what is causing your skin problems. The caffeine in coffee can affect our hormones which can in turn affect our oil production and create more oily skin prone to breakouts. Coffee is also very dehydrating because it is a diuretic depleting the firmness and healthy skin tone. If you are struggling with skin problems and happen to be an avid coffee drinker, you might want to consider lay off the coffee to see if it changes the appearance of your skin and the frequency of your breakouts.

4. Smoking:

  Cigarettes are terrible for your health and especially bad for your skin. It decreases healthy blood flow leaving your skin look dull, discolored and prone to aging at a more rapid pace. If you have a genetic predisposition to psoriasis smoking can actually trigger its first flare up causing flaky, dry skin. This bad habit also decreases your vitamin C supply which hampers your skin’s ability to repair itself. Stop smoking now! If you won’t do it for your health, then at least quit to better your skin.

5. Non-mineral makeup:

  There has been a large move towards mineral makeup with natural ingredients, and it is with good cause. So many of our makeups are filled with parabens, preservatives, waxes and fragrances that clog up our pores and are just not good for general health. True mineral makeup has a very light feel that doesn’t settle in lines and wrinkles as much. If you switch to mineral makeup, be sure to do your research and read the labels. Even if it says, “mineral” there still might be the same harsh ingredients as other products. It can help create a more flawless look just by reducing breakouts and clog pores.   

6. Dirty sheets:

  We are all guilty of slacking on the laundry, but it could be part of your breakout problems. Sheets trap bacteria from the skin and build-up from the creams and treatments you use on your skin and hair. When you don’t wash your sheets, all that build up grinds against your face all night as you move around on your pillow. It can exacerbate existing skin conditions, create whiteheads and breakouts, as well as irritations from the mites that live in sheets. Be sure to wash those sheets at least once a week especially with the warmer weather and increased sweating.

7. Over drying products:

 Oily skin types are usually the guiltiest of this skin care sin. I know this, because my skin used to be super oily and I would do anything possible to get rid of that damn shine.

 But stripping the skin of too much moisture can damage the skin’s moisture barrier and lead to dryness and irritation. Excess dryness can also cause your skin to pump out more oil in response not good. This “tight” feeling is your skin’s way of saying  and is often the feeling associated with cleansers that are high in sulfates or oil absorbing ingredients like charcoal.

 Another ingredient that can damage the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Alcohol is often used in high amounts in products targeted to oily skin, because it helps to mattify skin. Always check the ingredients label and consider avoiding products that have alcohol listed within the first four ingredients in the list if you are sensitive to alcohol or find it overly drying.

8. Tugging the eye area:

  Nothing against laugh lines, but rubbing and pulling at the thin, delicate skin around your eyes could make them pop up before their time. To take off eye makeup without vigorous rubbing, hold a remover-soaked cotton pad against your lids for about thirty seconds before gently whisking it away. Use a light touch when putting on your eye cream, Just pat it along your contours with your ring finger, which applies less pressure than your other digits.

 Avoid these common skin care mistakes and achieve the flawless and radiant skin like the one you always dream of.










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