Acne is a pain! It is a major problem for many people, especially teenagers. Pimples can ruin your day now and leave unsightly scars later. If you look in the mirror and see a pimple on your face, don’t worry. There are a lot of ways to treat acne at home. Treatment for acne should be simple. This article aims to help you manage your acne problem as simply as possible. I will focus on two essential things: Home remedies for acne and basic skin care tips you should observe every day. But before we delve into the actual tips, it is important to understand what causes acne.

  With hundreds of acne-fighting products on the market, it can be hard to figure out just what acne cure is right for you. When faced with a breakout, people are often quick to turn to harsh products in the hopes of getting clear, blemish-free skin. While over the counter products are formulated to offer safe concentrations of their compounds, some products can cause irritating side effects. One of the most popular and conventional acne products, benzoyl peroxide, an antibacterial agent, can cause dry and peeling skin when overused. It’s important to know all the good skin care tips available such as the organic, chemical-free ways one can treat acne. Take a look at these non-invasive acne solutions that are known to get rid of acne and promote glowing skin.


Get rid of Acne Naturally

  • Baking soda:

  Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is not only used for baking bread and cookies; it is also used in many health products such as shampoo and toothpaste. Baking soda helps regulate the pH level of your skin. You can use it to exfoliate your face by mixing it with water to form a paste. Apply the paste on the infected area only and make sure that you do not leave it on for too long especially if you have sensitive skin. This reduces inflammation and also helps reduce the appearance of acne scars.

  • Ice:

  You may have heard of the phrase “icing your acne.” Wrap an ice cube in a soft piece of cloth and apply it directly on your acne. This helps reduce inflammation, swelling, and itching. This is a popular solution for those looking to heal pimples under the skin. This is also the go to method of people who want to remove pimples in five minutes or an hour. Make sure to avoid applying the ice on other areas of the face aside from the infected area as it can dry out the skin.

  • Garlic:

  The idea of consuming crude garlic probably turn you off. But it can prove useful in your quest to be pimple free. For many years, garlic cloves have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for their antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. You can try rubbing garlic gently on the pimple and then wash with lukewarm water. Eating crude garlic can also help cleanse the blood. Just be careful not to consume too much as this can lead to an upset stomach.

  • Steaming:

  Since clogged pores usually result to the development of acne, one fast remedy is opening up your pores. This can be achieved by positioning your face directly above a pot of hot water. You can place a towel over your head so that the steam rises to your face. This causes your pores to open up, helping remove dirt and oil. After about half an hour, apply a gentle moisturizer to keep your face hydrated.

  • Apple cider vinegar: 

  This natural toner can work wonders, using apple cider vinegar for acne. Apple Cider Vinegar is an antiseptic and pH balancer that works as a natural astringent. Washing your face of cosmetics can disrupt your protective oil barrier. Apple Cider Vinegar alkalizes your skin and rebalances its pH levels. Thanks to its strong antibacterial properties, this solution also kills bacteria that causes acne.

 Create an organic toner by mixing a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar with two to three tablespoons of filtered water for sensitive skin, use a little more water then pour the toner onto a cotton pad and apply to your skin after cleansing.

  • Manuka honey:

 This skin care wonder is as useful as it is sweet. Hailing from the South Pacific, Manuka honey is produced by bees that feed on the Manuka Shrub on New Zealand’s North Island. Using raw honey for acne is a homeopathic staple but this particular variety has been found by researchers to have stronger medicinal properties than other types of honey. It’s used in products to help promote cell regeneration, heal acne, and hydrate skin.

 Apply Manuka honey with a cotton swab to your blemishes and watch its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties go to work. Best of all, when your skin is clear again you can use the leftover honey to sweeten your tea.

  • Cut down sugar:

  It’s no secret that reducing the amount of sugar you eat is good for your health. Is it possible that less sugar could mean better skin too? Fortunately, (or unfortunately) the answer is yes. Studies show that eating high amounts of sugar increases hormones in your body that stimulate sebum production and clog pores. If you didn’t have enough reasons to ditch that daily soda habit, now you do.

  • Wash your face regularly:

  This advice seems like a no-brainer, yet a surprisingly large amount of men and women choose to ignore it. Remembering to wash your face at night can be difficult when your body is willing you to hit the hay; however, washing your face before you go to bed will get rid dirt and makeup, ensuring that your pores will stay unclogged during your beauty rest.

  • Tea tree oil:

   Tea tree oil is renowned for being good for your skin. In addition to this, it also contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which makes it highly beneficial for acne treatment. In fact, studies that compare tea tree oil to the acne medication benzoyl peroxide shows it to be just as effective. But please remember to dilute tea tree oil before you use it; otherwise, your skin may get irritated.

  While breakouts can be hard to treat, simple solutions like altering your hygiene habits, eating a healthy diet, and applying the right ingredients can go a long way towards having a clear complexion. It’s important to remember that everyone’s skin is different, so it will take some trial and error to get rid of acne and to find the best routine for your skin.



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