Have you ever dreamed of one simple remedy that would help you lose weight!! Without any diets or exercise. Well, you’re in luck! You probably already have it in your kitchen. If you’re ready to incorporate ginger into your healthy diet, you’ll be delighted to know that many international dishes include this fragrant, tart-tasting spice in their ingredients list.

    Ginger is known to benefit one’s health and reduce weight thanks to its strong properties in burning belly fat which is one of the most common problems nowadays. Let’s take a look at ginger’s crucial properties and benefits to health. You might ask can I eat ginger to lose weight and how can I do it properly to avoid side effects. Then the answer is yes, you definitely can eat ginger to lose weight or maintaining a healthy weight.

    Ginger been discovered natural remedy that includes many ingredients which are known to cause positive changes in different body systems, especially, on the digestive system. It is important to understand that you need to exercise when including ginger in the diet as ginger tea or ginger as a spice added to foods alone cannot make any huge changes in weight loss. Remember that if you don’t eat healthily and exercise regularly, even large amounts of ginger are not going to help you with weight loss.

Why Ginger water for Weight Loss works

  •  Boost Digestion:

    Ginger stimulates pancreatic digestive activity to boost digestion. It also curbs appetite and keeps blood sugar and serum cholesterol levels under control. Drink a cup of ginger tea before a meal to prevent bloating and stimulate digestion. Make sure you drink it hot, not warm, for best results. When you drink ginger tea in the morning on an empty stomach, it helps in kick starting your metabolism and keep your digestive system on track, as it contains a certain type of caffeine that is helpful in digestion and weight loss.

  • Reduces Cortisol Production:

     Cortisol is a steroid hormone which regulates a wide range of processes throughout the body, including metabolism, immune and stress response. Hormonal changes and chronic stress can cause spikes in blood cortisol levels, as it is stress-inducing hormone which should also be under control to decrease the amount of belly fat. Ginger is known to control the production of cortisol, so you can drink ginger tea to make you less stressed out that contributes to weight loss as well. Though, if a lot of stress is influencing your nervous system, ginger alone will not make a big difference, as ginger suppresses cortisol production , so consuming ginger can help restore your internal balance, promote your well-being and weight loss.

  • Aids Metabolism:

   Ginger is a thermogenic food that can raise the temperature of the body by burning stored up body fat, resulting in a boost to your metabolism and reduced fat storage. Consuming thermogenic ingredients like ginger may boost your metabolism by up to five percent, increases fat burning by up to sixteen percent. Ginger’s high fiber content also helps to increase your metabolism.

  • Keeps one full for long:

   Ginger tea not only keeps you full for a while but research also suggests that consuming ginger tea helps with cravings, your diet and willpower play a role in weight loss, hormonal balance also plays an important role. Leptin is a hormone that takes a part in you feeling full and satisfied after a meal.

  In a healthy person, leptin levels determine how hungry you get and how much fat your body stores. Obese individuals tend to have higher leptin levels, which can cause their brain and body to become resistant to leptin. This results in the brain not turning your fat burning switch on, and you stay hungry and store more and more fat.

The main bioactive compound in ginger, called gingerol , has been shown to improve blood sugar levels and leptin levels. Ginger’s well known anti-inflammatory abilities can also help you reverse leptin resistance, which in turn helps you reverse weight gain.

  • Increases Energy level:

    If your levels of energy are low, fresh ginger tea can improve your energy level and put you in the mood for workout to burn more calories, recent studies found that black ginger boosts physical fitness performance and muscle endurance. Therefore, drinking black ginger tea may help you exercise more and burn more calories.

  • General Weight Loss:

    Ginger contains compounds called shogaols and gingerols. These two compounds stimulate biological activities when consumed. The antioxidant properties of ginger fight the free radical and thus prevents inflammation. A small study found that people who consumed ginger stayed fuller for longer as compared to those who did not. Ginger also has a significant effect on the hip to waist ratio. Gingerols in ginger also stabilize blood sugar levels. If you’re not a tea fan, try adding grated ginger to the dishes you cook. Add it to salad dressings, soups, rice, or stews, and you will soon see amazing changes in your body. It’s not only good for treating cold and indigestion but thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can also help you get rid of stubborn kilos as well. The antioxidant properties of ginger fight free radicals and prevent inflammation.

  • Enhances Thermogenesis:

   Enhances thermogenesis. Ginger was named the edible amphetamine. The thermogenic effect it is causing is known to increase the body temperature and help to boost metabolism, make you feel energized that trigger the process of burning calories.

How to make homemade Ginger drink:

    To prepare ginger tea, take fresh, grated roots or dried ginger powder. If you want to prepare tea from fresh root, take a two inch long piece, peel it and grate. First, boil the water. Then add ginger to boiled water and simmer for a few minutes. Then, strain and add honey and lemon if desired. Remember that if you add honey to make the tea sweat or for a better taste, use only warm water as all the useful vitamins and nutrients included in honey can be destroyed by heat. Alternatively, if the ginger tea is drunk hot, it will bring better benefits for weight loss but, in this case, ginger tea is not advised to be flavored with honey.

In conclusion; Drinking ginger tea and following a healthy diet is an effective way to lose weight. Start your day with a ginger concoction and drink it between meals to aid digestion.


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