If you’re looking for how to lose weight if you weigh 200lbs or more, and you’ve probably tried to lose weight many times with little or no success. Maybe you lost some weight, but it either always came back or your program wasn’t sustainable, so you quit. Your worries are coming to an end, as you’ve come to the right place.

    Staying healthy and being healthy is just two separate ideologies that a person must possess to live a better life ahead. Being healthy is a choice while staying healthy is considered an option wherein it is up to you if you want to feel great about yourself through exercising while maintaining that hard-earned body is all up to you. Let’s see some reasons why you keep on gaining weight, and then discuss, proper weight loss procedures.

  Reasons you seem not to be losing weight

  • Lack of proper sleep
  • You indulge in a lot of processed food
  • Too much carbs
  • Your exercise routine is not diversified etc.

   As earlier stated, we’re going to be giving you some simple steps, to attaining your dream body goal, and maintaining it successfully.

               Easy Steps to Losing Weight if you Weigh 200lbs

  • Eliminate all processed foods:

     Eliminate all highly processed foods from your diet, for a weight loss journey from 200lbs or  pounds, this was the simplest to implement to start seeing some serious weight move. It wasn’t the easiest, but definitely the simplest in getting results.

   Some would argue that you don’t have to remove these foods from your diet to see weight loss. They’ll say just watch your calories, treat yourself only occasionally and in moderation, and workout harder.

   Especially if you’re prone to binge eating behaviors, compulsive eating, emotional eating, and addictive behaviors around food.

   These foods are manufactured to be over consumed and addictive. Trying to lose weight by simply eating them in moderation and watching your calories is an uphill battle and introduces more struggle than it’s worth.

I’ve seen people lose weight doing that, but in knowing what these foods do and have done, I tell people it’s better to remove them completely.

  • Eat more Fibres:

     Okay, you might be thinking, he keeps saying this nutrient and that nutrient is great for weight loss, but this is the last one.

But the kind of fiber that you should be going for is important. You see the best kind of fiber comes from fruits and vegetables.

There are just so many benefits of fiber (I’m practically drooling), soluble fibers were known to help reduce the occurrence of unwanted fat in our bodies. This is based on a different study done to a lot of people wherein they are fed with food with high soluble fiber and noticed a decrease in belly fat.

  • Eat 3 times and Practice Meal Preps:

     You’ve might have heard that eating 6 small meals a day will keep your metabolism high and help you lose more weight. That three meals and three snacks a day will keep you from experiencing starvation and holding on to weight.

Yea, I’ve heard that too and the struggle to stick to that was real. Not only was I always feeling hungry, but carrying around three meals and three snacks was a hassle I later learned wasn’t necessary and was actually counterproductive to weight loss.

   Because fat isn’t utilized when insulin is being raised. Every time you eat, your insulin is raised. So 6 times a day, I was raising my insulin to where I couldn’t really burn body fat.

  • Reduce your Sugary Drinks:

    It is highly likely if you’ve removed all highly processed foods, you’ve also removed sugary sodas, juice and drinks.

But if not, do that!

Quit drinking anything that has more than 0 to 1 calories.

The only exception to this rule is homemade smoothies and juices and maybe healthy juices or smoothies you’ve purchased that you KNOW are natural, whole, and without sugar.

Drinking your calories is a super easy way to gain weight because you don’t get full in the same way as if you were to eat those calories. You actually might be consuming way more calories in liquid than you’re aware of because it’s so easy to drink a lot. So instead of this sugary drinks one can settle with, water, sparkling water, sugarless, flavored sparkling water, teas, and homemade (or natural, no sugar added) juices and smoothies instead.

That’ll remove plenty of extra calories and sugars from your diet.

  • Eat more  Protein:

     Make protein a priority, this is where most people fail and then end up gaining weight.

When cutting down on carbs you need something, in turn, to help fuel your body. As well as fat protein is one of the best nutrients to do the job. Protein is harder to digest and scores highly on the satiety scale. This means that you feel much fuller after you consume it.

   One cannot stress enough about how great protein is for weight loss, lean muscle, and overall wellbeing.

Like fats make sure you include a good amount of protein in every meal, especially in breakfast. There are plenty of foods that are great to eat and high in protein.

  • Do more House Chores:

    This is about increasing your NEAT “non-exercise activity thermogenesis”, which is a fancy way of describing any activity other than sleeping, eating, and working out.

   Mow the lawn, pull weeds, plant in your garden, mop or vacuum the floor, clean the kitchen, organize your bedroom.

Increasing your daily movement could be a major answer to how to lose weight if you weigh 200lbs and have major benefits for your health and body composition.

  • Don’t Starve:

     Not only is this an exercise in futility, but eating too few calories will only slow down your metabolism making weight loss even more unlikely. In fact, this is one of the hidden reasons why so many fail to lose weight. Your body quickly recognizes a low-calorie environment.

     Remember that weight gain is caused by foods that cause laziness and over-consumption thus making you fat. You are not fat because you’re lazy and don’t workout enough. The foods are the root cause.

  Secondly, start with a mindset shift especially if you’ve tried to lose weight before. Sometimes, it isn’t the diet that’s not working, it’s our mindsets that are causing us to backslide and fall off the wagon. Work daily to align with health, wellness, and your natural well-being.


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