According to the World Health Organization, 462 million adults worldwide are underweight, while today most of the people suffer from obesity and then hit gym to shed extra fat. On the contrary, some folks strive to put on weight. Slim figure is a million dollar dream for the former while having a skinny appearance exasperates the latter lot.

   Whether you’ve lost weight or you’re just naturally skinny, you may come to a point where you want to put on some weight. The best way to gain weight is to increase the calories in your diet naturally, as well as change some of your habits to push more eating in your lifestyle. There can be several reasons for them weighing less such as heredity, stress, loss of appetite, recovering from an illness and poor nutrition to name a few. So, all those wondering on home remedies for gaining weight in 10 days, it is time to make things more realistic.

A thin person is always on the lookout for health tonics, medications, and various types of remedies to put on weight healthily and not become obese. Home remedies to gain weight naturally is an excellent option. It is not only very feasible but also highly effective in helping the person gain the right amount. Here are some major weight gaining foods you should add to you diet.

                                   Natural ways to gain weight

  • Eat more calories:

   Theoretically, eating an additional five hundred calories every day increases your weight by a pound in one week. So, eat more calorie- and nutrient-dense foods through the day in the form of heavy meals and snacks. You can either increase the portion sizes or eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Avoid eating empty calories that do not provide any nourishment.

You can increase your calorie intake by adding nuts, seeds, or cheese as toppings in your meal. This high-calorie food will help you gain weight within a week. Also, fixing a schedule for your meals will help you consume ample calories throughout the day. Below are some more snack options to increase your calorie count:

  • Hummus with whole grain crackers
  • Avocado on toast
  • Protein smoothie
  • Bread with your choice of nut butter (peanut, almond, cashew or walnut butter)
  • Yogurt parfait
  • Cereal bars


  • Banana Milk shake:

  Another simple home remedy for increasing weight is drinking banana milkshakes. Since bananas and milk are usually found at home, you can prepare it anytime you desire. This acts as a superb home remedy to treat the situation of underweight. It helps to gain a few kilos of weight quite easily and at a faster pace.

  • Eat more Protein:

    This is the most important nutrient required for weight gain. Your muscle is mainly made up of protein, so eating enough protein helps you gain healthy muscle weight instead of fat.

The ideal protein intake for an underweight person should be between 1.5 grams to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight. A study shows that when you follow a high-protein diet, most of the excess calories get stored in your muscle, Some protein-rich foods include:

  • Fatty fish
  • Red meat
  • Whole eggs
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Pulses and legumes
  • Dairy products


  • Stay Hydrated:

   Drinking water has been synonymous with weight loss since it helps to reduce the amount of food being consumed. Hence, do not drink water before meals or with meals as it makes you feel full. Drinking water does not help you to gain weight but prevents dehydration and flushes out toxins from the body. You can include protein smoothies in your diet to stay hydrated as well as gain healthy weight.

  But some studies claim that drinking excess water can also lead to weight gain. They believe that the body can only flush out a limited amount of water. If you drink more water than the body can handle, it gets stored in the body and causes weight gain in the form of water weight.

  • Potatoes:

    This is one of the easiest and most pocket-friendly ways to add calories and starch to your diet. Consumption of excess potatoes has been associated with long-term weight gain. As potatoes have a high glycemic index and may spike your blood sugar levels if consumed on a daily basis, you can sometimes substitute potato with sweet potato. Though sweet potatoes are high in fiber and resistant starch, which aid weight loss, proper cooking and preparation can help you put on a few pounds.

  Prepare sweet potato mash with butter or cheese and add some meat to make a well balanced carb-protein snack.

You can add mashed potatoes as a side dish to your meal or eat a baked potato as a snack.

  • Yogurts:

    Yogurt is Beneficial for Weight Gain. Various nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrate, and fat are found in Yogurt (curd). By consuming one bowl of yogurt daily, the weight starts increasing rapidly. In addition, by mixing dry fruits and honey in one or two cups yogurt, it increases the weight of the body, along with the extra calories of eating and consuming curd, the body appears to be full. Avoid flavored yogurts and those with lower fat contents, as they often contain added sugars. You may wish to flavor their yogurt.

  • Milk:

   Milk has been traditionally used as a method to gain weight and muscle for years. It is not only calorie dense, but it also has a good amount of protein, good fats, vitamins, and minerals. It has a combination of both casein and whey proteins that help to build muscle. Apart from this, calcium is also a great source of vitamins and Yoga can also be done to increase weight. Those who want to increase their weight in a short time should get used to drinking 1 or 2 glasses of milk in a day because the whey made from milk or milk is found in Casein protein, which is enough to increase weight May be helpful.

  • Dry fruits and nuts:

   Dry fruits can be consumed to increase weight quickly. You can eat almonds, raisins, figs, cashews, pistachios and peanuts etc. to increase the weight of your body. It contains a lot of nutrients which makes it easier to grow weight and Yoga can also Beneficial to be done to increase weight.

    It is quite hard to accept weight gain remedies is as tricky to some as is weight loss to others. The way we look defines our confidence and personality to an extent, try this and you can send us your feedback, ok the comment section below.


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