We spend so much time, effort, and money on anti-aging, yet most people neglect the part of the body that’s a dead giveaway for age – their hands! Your hands are the most hardworking part of your body. They also get the maximum dust and sun exposure, and are the first to show the effects of a bad lifestyle. No wonder they respond by getting wrinkles.

   Wrinkles are a natural part of ageing. But admit it; the amount of time and effort you spend taking care of your face, you don’t do half of that for your hands.  While there’s no permanent solution, you can slow down the appearance of wrinkles on your hands and protect them from ageing faster.

    Let’s talk about some specific things that can cause wrinkles on your hands.

  • Excessive Washing And Dehydration: You likely wash your hands more than any other part of your body. And while keeping your body clean is super important, too much washing can break down your skin’s elasticity, creating looser, more dehydrated skin and leading to hand wrinkles.
  • Sun Damage: Excessive UV exposure causes collagen and elastin fibers in your skin to break down. When these fibers are lost, your skin has little support and becomes more likely to wrinkle.
  • A Long-Term Smoking Habit: Smoke exposure causes accelerated aging in your skin especially around your mouth, neck, and hands by reducing blood flow.
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Here is one of my favorite products to use when it comes to getting rid of hand wrinkles, that is because it is loaded with ingredients that has strong anti-wrinkle properties. This product contains Retinol which should always be in your routine as long as you are beginning to see wrinkles on your skin. Ferulic acid Decreases formation of fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, and other signs of premature aging.

  1. Always use Sunscreen:(buy on Amazon)

   Your hands are exposed to more sun exposure than any other part of your body except your face. Protect them with a moisturizing SPF that counteracts the effects of UV rays, and helps minimize the appearance of dryness and tiny wrinkles.” but how many of us are putting on sunscreen every day, year-round all the way to the tips of our fingers? Sunscreen for your hands is a must to prevent premature wrinkling and slow down those pesky age spots, especially considering our hands are one of the few parts of our body that’s almost always exposed to the sun.

2. Lemon juice and sugar scrub:

   A combination of lemon juice and sugar works brilliantly as a deep exfoliator. The lemon works to remove dark patches, age spots, and dirt that’s visible on your hands. The coarse sugar exfoliates and scrubs away dead skin cells, leaving your hands smoother and softer. Lemon juice and sugar scrub is not just useful to quench your thirst during the summer, but you can use it as part of your beauty. The acid in lemon juice naturally promotes skin cell turnover, reducing the appearance of sunspots and giving your hands a brighter, even tone. treatment as well. Its vitamin C content helps in rebuilding collagen in the skin, which in turn fades away wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Tomato juice:

   Tomato juice is amazing for both the inside and the outside of your body. Soaking your hands in tomato juice is super beneficial because tomatoes are rich in lycopene (an antioxidant that protects your skin).

Likewise, drinking tomato juice delivers a dose of antioxidants and lycopene to your whole body.

4. Moisturize with oil:

    The answer to softer hands isn’t just moisturizing more often, but moisturizing better. Hand lotion is simply an emulsion of oil and water so why not out the second half and go straight for the oil? Moisturizing with hand care oils is much more effective than regular lotions because of that oil concentration.

 Using Sweet Almond Oil or Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil. Sweet Almond Oil doesn’t actually smell like almonds, it is scentless. So I’ll add 10 drops of my favorite essential oil to the bottle (that way it can smell however I like). Retin-Oil also has huge benefits, in addition to being a deep moisturizing oil. Retinoid is a vitamin A concentrate, which is supposed to increase collagen production in the skin and thereby reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkle. People swear by this stuff and I’ll take all the anti-aging benefits I can get.


5. Exfoliate regularly:

   If your hands are calloused it’s going to be difficult for lotion to penetrate that tough skin in order to moisturize it. The solution is to remove dry callus skin before moisturizing. One way to do this is by exfoliating your hands with a scrub. You can make your own scrub at home by mixing one tablespoon coconut oil, with one tablespoon  sugar and two drops of essential oi Alternatively, you can purchase an exfoliating hand scrub from Amazon or stores such as Lush or Aesop.

Before exfoliating give your hands a good rinse in warm water to soften them. I may even let them in warm water for ten minutes if they are feeling especially rough. Next, scoop about a tablespoon of your exfoliant into your palm and begin rubbing (using the same motion you would to wash your hands). Spend an extra few moments on especially callouses locations (such as the heel of your hand or finger tips). Then rinse away.

The most important step is to moisturize your hand well after words. Massage in your chosen lotion or oil, once again taking an extra moment on callouses areas, as well as in between fingers and around the cuticles. I often apply cuticle oil at this point, and may even give myself a manicure (considering my nails/cuticles will be very soft).

6. Retinol:

  Retinol (buy from Amazon), is an anti-aging compound derived from vitamin A, is one of the most effective anti-aging topics around. Rub a pearl-size amount of an over-the-counter cream, on the backs of each hand nightly before bed to lessen wrinkles and brown spots after just several uses.

   To begin hand rejuvenation, use a retinol once daily. Retinol can help peel away some of the damaged areas and prepare the skin for other treatments. Apply it to your hands at night so you avoid wearing it during times of sun exposure and washing it off with routine hand washing.


  How to Prevent Hand Wrinkles

     Sunscreen is essential to protecting hands from looking aged. As you apply your facial sunscreen every day, take time to also apply it to your hands.

In times of extended sun exposure, consider wearing gloves. You could even keep gloves in the car for long periods of daytime driving.

  Also, avoid products that dry out the hands, like hand sanitizer. Those chemicals do more harm than good to your skin, since they cause rashes, cracking, or fissuring. Stick to traditional soap and water when you can.   With a few more precautions and some easy treatments, your hands will look as young and healthy as you.

   Now that you know how to get rid of wrinkles on hand, step out this winter with more confidence and let other women envy your lovely skin.



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