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  Laugh lines are a sign that one is leaving a happy, healthy life. As the saying goes; laughter is the best medicine. ItIt surely eases your pain and worries, but it can also add on to our worries by leaving laugh lines around the mouth!

Those lines are the last thing we want on our beautiful visage. However, such lines are also a sign of aging. Many people who do not want such an appearance opt for other measures to ensure they get rid of these lines. Laugh lines are brought about by smiles as part of a facial expression. The muscles follow the lines formed as one laughs continually.

On the other hand, fine lines are formed by facial expressions, laughing being one of them. Other facial expressions are squinting, smiling, yawning or being angry. One can get rid of fine lines and laugh lines through many ways. Not only daily exercises remove wrinkles, using moisturizers, natural foods, safe sunscreens and wrinkle creams are alternatives as well.

  But apparently, having a good laugh here and there might come with a cost of its own, no matter how good you take care of your skin . That consequence is the ever-deepening laugh lines. While there are certainly far worse things in life, laugh lines can be annoying, to say the least. Especially, if you aren’t pleased with the way your skin looks when you’re not smiling.

  If your laugh lines bring you and your smile down, then you may be looking or interested in ways to get rid of them naturally. So we’re going to share a handful of tips and tricks that might very well help you smile with confidence again.

How to get rid of Laugh Lines

  1. Stay Hydrated:

   Increasing your water intake won’t only help with laugh lines but it’ll also do wonders for your overall complexion (think dewy skin). Also, you may want to skip coffee and fizzy drinks because they can dehydrate you, which can make your skin look worse.

If you’re not a big fan of water, you can always make some infused water using various fruits and herbs that can make drinking water much more pleasant, water is great for your skin and staying hydrated keeps your skin cells looking plump and youthful. So down a glass or two between moisturizing, masks and facial exercises. It’ll help your smile lines lighten up.

2. Vitamin C:

   Everyday your skin is under attack from oxidative stress. From environmental factors, extreme weather temperatures, to hard water, and medicine, you are constantly exposed to the damaging effects of free radicals.

Free radicals are harmful molecules that attack and damage the cells in your body. Over time the cells slow down and stop functioning at their optimum levels to fight the free radicals. That’s where antioxidants step in to protect you.

Antioxidants efficiently neutralize the free radicals and prevent them from causing any damage.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that assists in the prevention of free radical damage and promotes healthy collagen production.

  Moreover, it has brightening properties that can reduce inflammation and improve visible signs of pigmentation and dark spots caused by sun damage and environmental aggressors.

3. Avocados:

    Avocados have got fat just like the nuts. However, they have got additional properties that make them suitable for removing fine lines. They have glutathione which is incredibly an anti-aging element. Glutathione detoxifies the body. Removal of toxins from the body helps the skin receive enough minerals from the veins.

By removing the toxins in the body, glutathione helps in protecting the skin against fine lines and laugh lines hence prevent wrinkling of the skin. Avocados are used to make wrinkle creams that work hence the credibility.

4. Moisturizer:

   The daily routine of doing something against the laugh lines should include moisturizing with a natural cream. The cream should be based on ingredients that are proven to be safe and have real anti aging effects. For the best results on laugh lines and wrinkles, the cream will have to stimulate the growth of the proteins collagen and elastin, which will make your skin younger looking again.

  The sooner you can start preventing your laugh lines from getting worse, the better your results will be. Use collagen rich products. Collagen helps hydrate and improve the elasticity of the skin. Applying it religiously on your problem areas like your cheek and mouth area could help plump up your skin, hence preventing skin from sagging and producing marionette lines.

5. Facial exercise:

   Do facial exercises. One of the best ways, and not to mention the cheapest way, to get rid of your marionette lines is by doing facial exercises. There are several exercises you can do to help reduce your lines. Basically, all of these exercises aim to stretch and tone the muscles around the cheek and mouth area to avoid the skin from sagging. If you do these facial exercises everyday then your lines would eventually fade gradually.

The best exercise is indeed laughing! To get rid of laugh lines, the worst mistake you can do is to stop laughing. But you should try other facial exercises as well, for example making a surprised expression (wide eyes, open mouth) and hold it for fifteen seconds. Then switch to another extreme facial expression, for example delighted flash your widest smile and hold it for another fifteen seconds.

By exercising the small but crucial facial muscles regularly they will stay toned and the skin over them will stay tighter.

6. Tomatoes:

    Tomatoes contain vitamin C and lycopene. Vitamin C helps the body to produce more of collagen which is responsible for making the skin firm and plump. Lycopene protects the skin from sun damage and also helps in improving the vascular system of the body. These combined efforts enable the skin to remain elastic enough to withstand chances of laugh lines and fine lines occurring on the skin. Therefore, tomatoes can be used as an ingredient in making wrinkle creams that work as they contain antioxidants.

7. Sunscreen:

   As we already mentioned above, the sun is not your skins bestie. Investing in a broad-spectrum SPF can significantly reduce the chances of premature lines and wrinkles from appearing.

  Additionally, it keeps your skin protected from burning up under the strong rays. Always choose a high SPF and introducing one in your skincare regimen as early as possible will keep your skin healthy and youthful-looking for many years to come.

Final words: 

   Getting rid of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles can be a long process and many factors play each and individual role during this. The most important thing is the dedication to a healthy lifestyle and being diligent with your skincare regimen.



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