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    Coconut oil is becoming an increasingly popular addition to meals, but some believe that the benefits might go beyond food. In fact, some people are using coconut oil as a potential wrinkle treatment, too. There is no denying the fact that signs of ageing on your face are your biggest enemies. Fine lines and wrinkles not only alter your beauty, but also change the way you feel about yourself. Since they tend to get deeper, you need to treat them immediately and effectively. Well, this is not a distant dream anymore, as you can start including coconut oil in your skin care routine to avoid these evils. Coconut oil is natural, effective and safe. The awesome oil and its components help fight the clock and give you a youthful appearance. 

Here’s Why Coconut oil should be used for Wrinkle;

  Coconut oil is one of the oldest and the most beneficial and effective ingredient that people use for various things. It has a wide variety of advantages that range from hair care, skin care to full body health. Wrinkles are the most annoying and everyone wants to either avoid it or wants to get rid of them.

  Coconut oil consists of various effective ingredients that moisturizes your skin and provides it with the perfect nutrients. It helps in boosting the production of collagen and encourages the regeneration of cells in your skin. It also effectively fades away wrinkles and makes your skin taut. Below mentioned are some of the other reasons on why you should start using coconut oil for skin health.

  • The anti-oxidants in coconut oil protect against the free radicals that damage skin and cause wrinkles.
  • Coconut oil supports the formation of new skin cells.
  • Coconut oil prevents the formation of dark spots due to aging and sun exposure.
  • This oil prevents your skin from the harmful UV rays by acting as a protective shield on your skin.
  • Also, being a natural emollient it moisturizes your skin well.

Here is a list of some tried and tested home remedies using coconut oil to age-proof your skin.


Best ways to use Coconut oil for Wrinkles

  1. Virgin Coconut oil:

  Pick virgin coconut oil for your wrinkles. First, clean your face well with cold water. Pat dry. Now take some drops of coconut oil and massage it all over your face in circular motion. Do this at night before going to bed and then keep it overnight. Coconut oil fights free radicals that damage your skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

  Method : Take a few drops of coconut oil on your fingertips. Apply them to your face and neck, preferably after cleaning your face with cold water. Massage your skin in circular motions for a few minutes. You may leave the oil overnight. Use this remedy as frequently as possible to see a considerable difference.

2. Coconut oil and castor oil mask:

  Castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties and contains antioxidants that deep condition the skin, making it look supple and youthful without any signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines. A mixture of castor oil and coconut oil boosts the production of collagen, which softens and hydrates the skin. If you don’t want to apply it all over your face, just apply the mixture over the wrinkled areas. Repeat this every night till you see noticeable results.

 Method : Take a few drops of both the oils in your palm and use this blend to massage your face gently. Leave it on for at least an hour. Frequent usage will decrease the sagging of skin largely.

3. Vitamin E and Coconut oil:

  Vitamin E is highly recommended as the most convenient way to hydrate dry and irritating skin and promote the production of collagen, which forms new skin cells. Surprisingly, coconut oil itself contains vitamin E and proteins. This means that with this combo, you will be doubly sure of waving goodbye to those wrinkles and rejuvenating your dull skin.

 Method : Pierce a vitamin E capsule and pour its contents into a bowl. To this, add a few drops of coconut oil and mix well. Apply the mixture on the face and neck. Massage it in for a few minutes. 


4. Coconut oil and Apple cider vinegar:

  You may use apple cider vinegar as an astringent before the coconut oil is applied. The vinegar balances the skin’s pH and tones the skin, whereas coconut oil promotes healthy regeneration of the skin cells and tissues. So, properties of both the ingredients combine to exfoliate the skin of old cells, and promotes the growth of new cells when used with coconut oil.

 Method : Apply the diluted vinegar to your face using a cotton ball. Let it dry naturally. Massage your face with a few drops of coconut oil before going to bed. Wash it off first thing in the morning, and you will observe that there are fewer wrinkles visible on your face.

5. Coconut oil and lemon juice:

  Lemon juice cleanses the skin and tightens the pores. It contains vitamin C that enhances the skin’s elasticity and reduces wrinkles. The curdled milk moisturizes the skin, and helps prevent free radicals that can damage collagen, reduce wrinkles and enhance the skin. 

6. Honey and Coconut oil:

  Honey contains natural humectants which moisturize your skin and anti-inflammatory properties which can help to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin.

 Method : Mix the oil and honey, and apply the mixture to the affected area. Let it sit for about an hour. Rinse it off with tepid water. In a week’s time, you will notice how the signs of ageing iron out.

7. Coconut oil and turmeric:

  Turmeric contains antioxidants which prevent oxidative damage to the skin, thus, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. 

 Method : Apply a mixture of coconut oil and turmeric powder on your face and leave it on for twenty minutes. Rinse with water and pat dry. Strictly restrict the usage to alternate days. It will keep the early signs of ageing at bay.


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