Our hair is the crowning glory of our looks, both literally and figuratively. Long, gorgeous, and healthy tresses are every girl’s dream, but most of us end up hating our dull and lifeless hair. Owing to our hectic, modern lifestyle, which includes everyday stress and pollution, long hair can be difficult to achieve.

A thick head of hair can boost your self-esteem and is one of the most desired beauty traits for both men and women. The concept of good and bad hair days signifies the importance of hair in daily life. But try as you may, everyone is bound to have their fair share of both good and bad hair days, some more than others.

  Only some people are blessed with naturally soft, shiny, and silky hair. Most have to work tirelessly to maintain the health and appearance of their tresses. Even those people who are born with amazing hair cannot take them for granted. Haircare is a must, especially since there is no escaping the daily hair damage induced by environmental pollutants as well as aging. It requires a proper and dedicated hair care regimen that is easy to follow. If you’re dreaming of long locks like Rapunzel’s, here are a few tips you must follow.

Ways to triple hair growth

  •  Massaging the scalp:

    There is nothing more relaxing than a gentle head massage, which can work in favor of improved hair growth as well. Stress is a primary trigger for temporary hair loss.

Massaging your scalp can help offset this stress-induced hair loss by aiding relaxation. Not just that, gentle kneading helps warm the scalp skin and dilate the blood vessels underneath. This kind of physical stimulation, thus, improves the blood circulation in the targeted area.

As the blood vessels expand, a greater amount of blood reaches the hair follicles, therefore increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients.

This enhanced blood flow in and around the hair root leads to easier and greater nutrient absorption by the hair follicles, thereby reviving hair health.

  • Berries:

   Berries are a beneficial fruit. Berry fruit vitamins can promote hair growth. The berry fruits contain vitamin C, which has strong antioxidant properties.

Antioxidants help protect hair from the damage of harmful molecules called free radicals. These molecules are naturally present in the environment and in the body. For example, 1 cup (144 grams) of strawberries provides 141% of your daily vitamin C requirement. (source)

Moreover, the body uses vitamin C to produce collagen. (source)

Collagen is a protein that helps prevent hair from breaking, breaking down and strengthening hair.

What is more, the Vitamin C Diet helps to absorb iron from the body. Low levels of iron can cause anemia, which is associated with hair fall.

  • Proper nutrition:

   A wholesome, well-balanced diet fulfilling all the nutrient requirements of your body is an essential prerequisite for healthy hair. Cosmetic hair treatments can lead to short-term improvement in terms of hair growth and quality, but a nutrient-rich diet helps nourish your hair from within and produce enduring effects.

Besides, you cannot expect any hair treatment to produce sustainable results unless it is supported by healthy eating habits. Make it a point to include essential minerals, vitamins, and proteins in your diet.

 Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients and are needed in minuscule quantities. Nonetheless, their deficiency can have negative implications for hair growth and texture.

For instance, not getting enough vitamin E and zinc can accelerate hair thinning and hair fall.

  • Avoid stress triggers:

   Stress is a major detriment to your mental, emotional, and physical health and should be treated as such. The hectic lifestyle patterns that have become the norm today have contributed significantly to the global disease burden by triggering several health issues.

Aside from health complications, stress can affect the texture, appearance, and quality of your hair. Increased stress prematurely initiates the resting phase of your hair follicles and keeps your hair from growing long and strong.

  People who take a lot of stress or go through some extreme trauma often experience excessive shedding of hair, and the only way to counter this hair loss is to bring the stress levels under control.

Thus, even though living with stress seems like an inescapable reality, you must make concerted efforts to minimize it in the interest of your hair health and general health.

  • Drink plenty water:

   The importance of drinking enough water throughout the day cannot be stressed enough. The human body needs around 2-3 liters of water per day. If this requirement is not met, dehydration can set in, and hair growth will be directly affected.

The shortage of water takes away the shine from your hair, leaving them rough, lifeless, and highly prone to damage. Dry hair is also increasingly susceptible to split ends.

  Thus, you must try to maintain an optimal fluid intake throughout the day to keep your hair cells healthy and well functioning.

  • Trimming:

    Regular trimming of hairs every eight to ten weeks ensures fast hair growth. What happens is that due to excessive dirt and sun, the end of the hair usually gets damaged and rough, inducing split ends. When you regularly trim your hair, those split ends get cut off, leaving your hair to breathe and grow without any hurdle. Snipping your hair more often helps in faster hair growth and removes split ends. Regular styling and pollution make your hair prone to split ends and damaged cuticles. Trimming the lower portion of your hair every six to eight weeks is always advisable as it ensures that the damage is minimum, and this promotes the growth of healthy hair.


  • Coconut oil:

   This is as traditional as it gets. Coconut oil is sworn by every granny. The only trouble is that you need to be patient and consistent with this method. All you need to do is massage this into your scalp and leave it overnight before you wash. Over a period of time, your hair will most definitely look stronger and feel healthier. But, make sure not to leave your hair too oily with coconut oil like most women do. This can make your hair look flat and gross, and the excess oil will absorb all the dust it comes in contact with and does more damage than good.


  Everyone wants the best possible version of their hair, but only a few have it. For the rest, a lot of time and energy go into solving daily hair problems that impede their growth, adopting some healthy and sustainable lifestyle and food habits can save you a lot of future hair trouble. A balanced diet and healthy hair care routine are the first steps toward achieving the tresses of your dreams.



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