Surprising weight loss can be very difficult, while gaining weight is way easier than losing or getting rid of the excess flesh/fat gained which many are looking for in recent times. If you are amongst those looking forward losing all that within a week or two here are some surprising home remedies, that would aid that process (although it may not reduce all the fat rapidly, it will burn them faster and naturally). This article will be discussing:

  • causes and how people gain weight
  • Symptoms of gaining weight
  • Home remedies for weight loss.

The causes of weight gain, can be a hand full at times, and most of the times, we do not know what conditions influences excess weight gain. Here are some factors that contributes:

  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy, the weight of a woman tends to increase, as her stomach begins to protrude (cause of the growing fetus, and this weight can not be lost magically, as it may remain even after birth) and may remain that way, in some cases.
  • Medications: is also one of the causes of weight gaining, as some particular sect of drugs tend to make you fat, such as birth control pills, as even some antibiotics, antidepressants and corticosteroids, aids excess weight gain.
  • Mensuration: the stomach is must likely going to bloat during this period, which is caused by abdominal pain, at that time of the month Ave this causes what is known as estrogen, which varies, and can result to periodic weight gain.
  • Menopause: when a woman attains this age (which is usually between her late forties, and early fifties, the menstrual cycle ends) this causes a drastic reduction in her estrogen hormone, which leads to an increment in the abdominal and even the hip region.

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   Surprising Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Their many ways to get rid of those flabs, and I would be taking you through the procedures and why their very effective, for weight loss;

  • Apple Cider Vinegar:


surprising weight loss
img Apple cider vinegar

Making use of this vinegar twice a day, (mixed with a glass full of water, and a table spoon of apple cider vinegar), drink this as mentioned above. This works, because of its rich acetic acid properties, that’s has anti-obesity contents that promotes the burning down of fat in the body.

  • Green Tea:


surprising weight loss

This remedy is very rich in catechin, and caffeine, both of which play, a highly significant role in losing weight. Take two teaspoons of green tea, and add this into a cup of hot water, with some honey (preferably) steer for over 6 minutes, strain the content, and drink immediately. Repeat this recipe at least thrice a day, and you will notice drastic changes.

  • Parsley& Lemon Juice:

Parsley and lemon juice, is a wonderful mixture, that is healthy for the body, and also a great remedy for losing weight, as their both rich providers of vitamin c, which assist digestion and fat oxidation. Using only freshly plugged parsley leaves and blend, after which half a lemon is squeezed into this already blended parsley, take this mixture early in the morning before any meal.

  • Curry Leaves:

Chewing seven-eight curry leaves on an empty stomach daily, helps in fat reduction, as the leaves reduces the body’s cholesterol and triglyceride level, which burns fat and assist digestion greatly.

  • Garlic:

If one can endure the scented nature of garlic, a clove should be chewed, if not, it should be grated, and added to all dishes, and taken at least three times daily, as it is a necessity to shed excess weight, as this particular have helps in boosting the body’s thermogenesis, and also possesses natural anti-obesity properties, that breaks down fat rapidly.

  • Coconut Oil:

They if no doubt, that this oil when natural (virgin) and unadulterated firm, is very good and effective for losing weight, as the presence of medium-chain fatty acids, affects the human metabolism, and reduces the body in the process.

  • Rose Water:

Rose water acts as a gentle diuretic (that helps your kidney to put more salt in your urine, and aiding weight reduction, one should also take this water always, as it flushes the system, as well as hydrating the body.

  • Chewing Slowly:

It had been proven that people who tend to eat fast, consume more calories, before their body even realizes it, the faster you eat the more your chances of being obsessed, as compared to a slow eater. Chewing Slowly helps in reducing the calories consumed, and increases the production of hormones that are linked losing weight.

Note: You can control your calories by controlling your portions. This product here has helped many people like you control their portions for 21 days straight and get amazing results.

  • Drinking water:

An increase in your water intake, would help in easing the digestion process and to a large extent excretion, thereby reducing the weight of a person, do one should take at least 5-7 liters of water a day.

  • Reduce carbohydrate:

Carbohydrate filled foods must be reduced, if not avoided, if one must loss weight, as food highly rich in carbohydrate are very hard to digest, and resend remain in the body system, without being excreted. Hence it had been advised that more of protein should be taken, as it not just said the digestion process, it is also very good in keep you full, for a longer period, which help in losing weight, would help in surprising weight loss.

  • Eating Early:

Most people tend to eat late in the evenings, this is not good for one’s health, and neither is it good for weight loss, as most of not every food consumed late at night is very difficult to digest properly, as the body system tends to be slow at such periods, so instead of taking dinner late, one is expected to take their supper at 5:30pm latest, to reduce the accumulation of excess fat in the body.

  • Sleeping Well:

Many may wonder, how does sleeping well effect me gaining weight? While it does, cause having a good night rest (sleep) helps in cleansing and repairing the body system generally, which includes the digestive system, this process helps in eliminating unnecessary fat properties from the body. Thus easing the body fat, and making one fell healthier and light by morning.

this surprising weight loss remedies, are extremely very easy to follow, very affordable, and would yield amazing and great results.


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