None of us like to have a breakout of pores dotted all over the face. It not only feels awful but also makes the skin look dull and aged. These pores cause the face to look dull and aged. People with oily skin are prone to this problem, thanks to excessive sebum production. The pores can also lead to complications like blackheads and acne, which mar the way you look. Factors like stress, genetics, and unhealthy skin care also give rise to open pores. The skin loses its elasticity as you age, making the condition worse. There are many ways to minimize the occurrence of skin pores.  

  The most common reason for their appearance is excessive activity in the sebaceous glands. With a fatty skin type, a large amount of sebum is released. The fatty skin type isn’t the only cause of enlarged pores. There are a lot of reasons for the appearance of this problem: dehydration, insufficient purification, and poor-quality decorative cosmetics. Also, in hot weather, under the influence of UV rays, the pores expand, and sweating increases.

Consuming a large number of sweets, fatty, salty and spicy foods, and foods containing preservatives and flavor enhancers also has a bad effect on the skin. The balance of hormones also affects skin condition. If there is a violation of the hormonal balance due to pregnancy or other reasons, the pores of the face expand.

Skin needs to breath, and it must be cleansed daily of dirt, decorative cosmetics and dead skin particles. It’s important to learn how to properly care for the skin on your face.


Natural ways of Preventing Breakout of pores

  •  Facial steaming:

 Steaming is the best way to unclog the pores. You can steam your face with a face steamer. Alternatively, if you don’t have a steamer prefer boiling water in a pan.  Give yourself a steamy facial twice a week. You might argue that this opens up pores even more and makes you sweat. Well, the idea is to open them up and clean out thoroughly by eliminating all oil, dirt, and grime settled inside. You can also add some skin-friendly herbs or essential oils(clove essential oil, cinnamon bark essential oil, etc.) to the steam to reap the maximum benefits. Once done with steaming, wash off your face with a mild cleanser and cold water. Then, apply rose water or any toner of your choice to seal the pores and prevent new bacteria from entering. This will remove the discoloration caused by clogged pores and minimize their sizes to make them less visible.

  • Ice massage:

  This is probably the easiest and the most cost-effective method you can ever try to reduce the appearance of your pores instantly. All you need to do is run an ice cube all over your face and massage your skin with it for a few minutes. Then, allow it to dry naturally. Ice cube works like magic in shrinking pores because of its cold temperature. Along the same lines, splash your face with really cold water whenever your pores seem too big or your face gets oily. This is an easy and surest way to constrict pores. Before applying makeup, you can use it to minimize enlarged pores. It also improves circulation and helps you in getting healthier skin.

  • Cucumber:

  The mask not only helps in treating open skin pores but also improves the skin texture. It soothes and nourishes the skin. Cucumber also slows down the skin aging process, giving you a youthful and glowing appearance, this is one of the best way to bid goodbye to enlarged pores because the high silica content in the vegetable not only imparts a youthful look to the skin but also helps in tightening the large pores. Try mixing lemon to it for better results as the astringent in lemon will reduce the appearance of the ugly pores.

  • Corn flour mask:

  In worldwide cooking practice, corn flour is used to thicken gravies as it helps absorb water. The same property of corn flour may help it absorb excess oil from the skin and shrink the pores. Combine one teaspoon of corn flour with a few drops of honey and lemon juice to make a paste. Apply it all over the cleansed face. With this mask on, your skin will feel tighter, which is a sign that your pores are shrinking. Wash it away with plain water after fifteen to thirty minutes and follow up with a mild non-drying toner and moisturizer.

  • Lemon juice mask:

  Lemon juice has excellent astringent properties, which help tighten the skin by unclogging the pores and shrinking them over time. The citric acid content of lemon juice loosens as well as breaks the chemical bond between the impurities and the skin, thus clearing out pores naturally. It also regulates the production of sebum in the skin. Being a natural source of vitamin C, it whitens the skin and gives it a healthy glow too. Simply cut the lemon into half, dilute its juice with some water, and apply it to your face with a cotton ball. Leave it on for ten minutes and then, wash off with lukewarm water.

  • Clay mask:
  • When it comes to minimizing pores by drying the sebum underneath and pulling impurities out of them, clay masks work wonder. They may even reduce inflammation and the appearance of acne lesions by fifty four percent when combined with jojoba oil.  Multani mitti or fuller’s earth is known to be the most effective clay mask for minimizing open pores and hence, is widely utilized in spas. After cleansing and scrubbing the face, apply the cool mask of Multani mitti mixed with rose water all over it. Leave it on until dries completely and you feel that your pores are tightening. Then, wash it off with cold water. Repeat this twice or thrice every week for visible reduction of pores.

Breakout of pores can not only look unsightly but can easily become the breeding grounds for acne-causing bacteria. By using the home remedies mentioned in this article, you can minimize pores easily and also keep your skin clean.



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