Most of us have a skincare routine that we stick to out of habit it’s all about a repetition of steps you have to do day in and day out. Whether you spend just 30 seconds every morning or have a dedicated pre-bedtime ritual, practically everyone has a skincare routine. And while we all have the best intentions when it comes to taking care of our complexion, we sometimes sabotage our skin without realizing it. Your daily habits make a major difference when it comes to preventing damage and premature aging. Skin care routine is the priority in almost every woman’s daily ritual, sill they out of the blue, they wake up looking dull with a skin covered in blemishes. What is the reason behind it? Well, along the skin care routine, many make mistakes in repeating the skin care steps, which are the actual cause of most of the skin concerns including breakouts, dryness and even redness. If you are among those facing different skin problems from time to time, here’s your chance to redeem your beauty brownie points by avoiding the following skin care mistakes that you have been making all your life long. People think you can just get some moisturizer and eye cream and there your done but that’s not the case. Here are some of the most common skincare mistakes you’re probably making, and how to fix them to get glowing skin, but here are ten skincare mistakes you should avoid.

Top ten skincare mistakes to avoid

1. Using essential oils on your face:

  Essential oils may be all the rage, but it turns out they may not be great directly on your skin. It’s not saying that none of them are safe, but essential oils are often extremely concentrated and can cause skin reactions. ‘Natural’ does not always equate to good for the skin poison ivy is natural, too, that many essential oils are a cause of contact skin allergies. Dermatologist recommend avoiding them (and other fragrance in products) if you experience rash or irritation.

2. Using dirty makeup brushes:

 This common habit is causing lot more damage to your skin than you actually think. Makeup brushes that are available in different sizes and shapes for different blending get contaminated with the dirt, bacteria and many other organisms that affect the skin very badly. Keeping your brushes clean and hygienic can surely help, for this, you need to have some brush cleaners that will ensure that no dirt or old makeup build in the brush hair.

3. Not washing your face correctly:

  Another most common skin care mistake that I bet, you are making is not washing your face correctly. The way you lather up and where you lather up actually matters. And that’s what is causing problems for your skin. if you want to make your cleanser or face wash work, then you have to move your middle and index fingers from inside of your face to outwards using the circular motions. This would not only cleanse the makeup but also it will reduce the puffiness of your skin by pushing the lymphatic drainage system.

4. Multi cleansing in wrong order:

  Cleansing is the first step when it comes to skin care routine. But wait, are you cleansing it right! That’s where the problem begins. For the ladies that are used to wear a lot of makeup, especially the long wear foundation along with the primer base that one step cleansing is not at all enough to cleanse your skin thoroughly. One step cleansing does not remove all the traces of makeup and ultimately cause the deposition of dirt and makeup in the pores, making you to cause breakouts. For this, you need to start with the multi- cleansing in the right order. If you are wearing makeup including your eyes, then start with your eyes and following that, you need to use facial cleansing wipes to gently remove all the makeup from your face. After that, finish the cleansing off using a gentle cleanser with minimal chemicals.

5. Over exfoliating:

  You might have heard most of the beauticians talking about exfoliating your skin on a regular basis to achieve healthy and spot less skin. Indulging in getting too much exfoliation can damage your skin very badly, that can be cause of most of your skin problems including redness and breakouts. Moreover, over time rubbing and scrubbing too hard can also lead wrinkles over your skin especially within the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. For a healthy skin without any breakouts and wrinkles, all you need is to scrub gently over the face maximum twice or thrice a week and skip harsh micro granules. Also, avoid the skin near eyes and lips as the skin around is way too sensitive than other skin over the face.

6. Not using products formulated for your skin type:

  The reason you may not see improved results with your skincare products is that they aren’t suited for your skin’s unique needs. Find out what type of skin a product is formulated for. And if all skin types is the answer, proceed with caution. If you’re truly looking for results, it’s imperative that you use products exclusively formulated for the unique needs of your skin.

7. Using bar soap for your skin:

  If you wash with a bar of soap no matter how much you paid for it you immediately strip your skin of all its water, which instantly creates dead skin cell buildup. Then you have to quickly put moisturizer on to put back exactly what you just took out. The binders that hold a bar of soap together have a high pH balance, making it too drying for most skin types. But they also reverse the benefits from any exfoliants that you’re using (AHA’s, BHA’s and facial scrubs) since those are intended to remove dry skin cells. Bar soaps are a no no, so look for mild, sulfate-free, soap-free gel cleansers.

8. Using alcohol based toners:

  Toners are an important step in a skin care regimen and should be used daily. The mistake people make if they are actually using one is it’s often loaded with alcohol, which will only dehydrate the skin and cause an increase in dull cell buildup. If you’re not using one, it’s usually because you notice that it leaves the skin feeling dry, so you’ll skip it completely and miss out on important skin benefits. Alcohol-free toners should be used after every cleansing because they give your skin a drink of moisture when left damp on the skin before applying moisturizer, they remove drying chlorines and minerals found in tap water, and because damp skin is ten times more permeable than dry skin. When left damp they can carry the active ingredients of your serum and moisturizer deeper within the skin.

9. Using tanning bed:

 You know how you’re supposed to wear sunscreen! Well, using a tanning bed on the regular is even worse than forgetting your daily sunscreen. Tanning beds will increase your melanoma risk and make your skin leathery and look prematurely aged.

10. Picking your skin:

 You may not even realize that you do it, but constantly picking at the skin can cause irritation, inflamed skin and spread bacteria. Going overboard with this can lead to scarring, and may even make you break out since your hands usually have a good amount of bacteria on them. If this is a nervous habit, try and break it by keeping your hands busy with something else. 



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