Dark patches, uneven skin tone, imperfections in the skin are irritating aspects of every woman’s life. All of us crave for clean, even-toned skin. But skin pigmentation comes in way of attaining it. One of the major causes of skin pigmentation is exposure to the sun and pollution. Sometimes, it can be genetic too. Scars from acne and pimples can also cause pigmentation.

  Pigmentation is the coloring of the skin. Melanin is a type of pigment in the skin. The skin cells create melanin to protect from damage that UV light causes. People have different levels of melanin in their skin, which accounts for their skin’s overall color. However, the skin may create too much melanin in a specific area, causing the skin to darken. This is hyper pigmentation.

  Hyper pigmentation tends only to affect patches of skin, though in some cases it may affect the whole body. Sun exposure can be tackled with the use of sunscreen. Covering the face with a scarf and avoiding pollution can help reduce pigmentation to a certain extent. There are some simple home remedies that will help you heal the pigmentation of your skin.

   Types of pigmentation 

 Common forms of hyper pigmentation include what people often call age spots, which typically occur on areas of the body with frequent exposure to the sun. they are many forms of hyper pigmentation are harmless and are nothing more than overproduction of melanin.

  However, in some cases, hyper pigmentation may be a sign of an underlying condition. These conditions can include the following:

  • direct trauma from an accident or skin condition
  • hormonal imbalances
  • insulin resistance
  • issues with the endocrine system, which produces hormones.

Pigmentation itself is not an issue and does not pose any risk to the body. However, an underlying condition may require proper treatment. But here are twelve amazing ways to tackle pigmentation.

1.  Aloe vera:

  The magic plant can do wonders to your skin. It works wonder even if you have irritated skin down there. Just apply the aloe vera gel on the affected area and let it soak in. The gel is loaded with Aloin, which helps to lighten skin. For maximum benefits, use it regularly. Applying aloe vera gel directly to the pigmented skin may also be a good way to reduce pigmentation over time.

2. Raw potatoes:

  Raw potato is a potent inhibitor of melanocytes; it contains an enzyme named catecholase which slows down and limits the production of melanin pigments. Thus reduces dark spots and promotes skin lightening. The bleaching properties infused in potatoes helps remove skin pigmentation and works best on sensitive skin. Get rid of those dark patches around your mouth by slicing a medium-sized potato into two and massaging it gently around your mouth in circular motions. 

3. Green tea:

  tea has a depigmenting effect when applied to the skin since it helps in preventing free radicals from settling in between skin cells. You can purchase green tea extract and apply it to your skin or use green tea bags which work just as well. To try it out, steep a green tea bag in boiled water for three to five minutes. Remove the tea bag from the water and allow it to cool. Then, rub the tea bag over the affected area. Repeat this twice a day until black spots disappear.

4. Orange peel:

  Orange peel contains citric acid which is an excellent bleaching agent. This when added to Multani mitti, lemon juice, honey and milk, becomes an excellent cure for pigmented skin, dark spots and skin blemishes. Being a rich source of citric acid (an outstanding bleaching agent), orange reduces the melanin deposits, fade dark spots, blemishes and revitalizes the skin. 

5. Tomatoes:

  the skin is protected against short-term and long-term aspects of photo damage. It is well-known for skin lightening and removing tanning, reduce spots and pigmentation by neutralizing the effect of harmful UV rays. And not to forget- Tomato is considered to be one of the best bleaching agents. 

6. Orchard extract:

  Orchid extracts are just as effective as vitamin C hyperpigmentation remedies. Applying orchid-rich extracts to the skin for eight weeks improved the size and appearance of dark patches. You can buy skin products containing orchid extract, including masks, creams, and scrubs. Use as directed for the best results.

7. Almond paste:

   Almond paste is great for getting rid of dead skin cells and also moisturizes skin in a good measure. Soak some almonds in water and grind them into a coarse paste. Keep a little coarse paste aside and make a fine paste of the remaining almonds. Wash face and scrub damp skin with the coarse paste. Wash it off and apply the fine paste as a mask. Leave it on for half hour before washing it to reveal soft and renewed skin.

8. Apple cider vinegar:

 Many people use apple cider vinegar on the skin to try and lighten unwanted pigmentation. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which may act as a mild chemical peel in some cases, apple cider vinegar also contains polyphenols. These act as antioxidants and may protect skin cells.

  However, there is little direct evidence about the use of apple cider vinegar for hyper pigmentation. Some people may find it helpful, but they must be sure to use the product correctly.

9. Milk and yogurt:

 Yogurt and milk both contain lactic acid, which is a common ingredient in chemical peels for the skin. The small quantities in these foods may help with mild hyperpigmentation as well, applying yogurt or milk directly to the pigmented area or soaking a cotton ball in milk and applying it to the area may both be helpful home remedies.

10. Turmeric:

  Turmeric is a common ingredient in the Indian kitchens and is also widely used due to its medicinal properties. Its sunflower golden powder possesses bleaching properties to keep the dark spots away, balances the pH of the skin and enhances the skin glow, making it as radiant as ever.

11. Sandalwood:

  Sandalwood enhances the complexion by mildly exfoliating the dead skin cells. It possesses anti-tanning and anti-ageing properties.

12. Papaya:

  Rich in Vitamin A and C, papayas help the area around your mouth to become light and even. Simply make a thick paste out of raw papaya slices and rose water. Apply the mask on your skin and let it sit for 30 minutes. Wash it off with cold water.

 Hyper pigmentation is usually a cosmetic concern rather than a medical one. There are several home remedies for pigmentation that can help you lighten dark patches.

Speak to your doctor if you’re concerned about your skin pigmentation or suspect that your skin discoloration is caused by an underlying medical condition or medication.




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